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Deepak Sahoo

Founder & CEO

Deepak is a visionary and goal-oriented Senior Strategic Business & Technology Leader with 20 years of industry experience in delivering integrated technology solutions. His passion for sustainable living led him to explore technologies and opportunities to work towards a better planet. He founded Barclays Energy in 2017 to nurture this passion for renewable energy. Deepak is working with a team of researchers at University of Texas, Federal Center for Technological Education, Brazil, University Center of Lavras, Brazil and School of Environmental Science & Engineering at Yangzhou University on production of algal based cyanobacterial blooms and its usage in the enhancement of pisciculture and improvement of biofuel production.

His areas of work include Renewable Energy generation, Production of Biofuels, Renewable Energy storage and transmission.

Deepak earned Bachelor's in Engineering degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Madras.


Carla Cristina Almeida Loures

Partner & Chief Evangelist

Carla holds a degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP). Master in Sciences from the Department of Chemical Engineering of USP, in the area of New Materials and Fine Chemistry, with emphasis on Environment (Treatment of Liquid Effluents).
PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the area of Environmental Control (optimization of biotechnological processes) by the Faculty of Engineering of Guaratinguetá (FEG) of Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP).

She is currently a DI-1 teacher associated with the Mechanical Engineering Department of CEFET / RJ Angra dos Reis Campus, under a regime of full dedication to teaching and research.

Her areas of research include Environment, Bioenergy, effluent treatment, advanced oxidative processes, Mathematical and Statistical Methods applied to Engineering, Renewable Energies, Production of biofuels, with emphasis on the synthesis of biodiesel using third generation lipid raw materials: Microalgae .

She is a member of the Research and Graduate Council (COPEP) and CEFET-RJ's Board of Education and Research (CEPE). She is also a member of the CEFET (Evaluation Self-Evaluation Committee) CEFET / Angra dos Reis and serves as an advisory professor of the team ENACTUS CEFET / Angra dos Reis.